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Amazon Devices

Amazon Echo Family photo
Amazon Family of Wi-Fi Devices

Dots, Taps, & Echos

Tips for getting started

Amazon Echo Description

  • Operated by voice commands, no monitor or keyboard
  • Requires WIFI & AC Power
  • Initial set-up/advanced settings require the Alexa IOS or Android App or web page interaction (

Echo Model Types

Echo (largest & best sound quality)
Tap (battery operated voice & button interaction)
Dot (smallest & least expensive)

Echo Purpose

  • Ask questions
  • Check time/set alarms
  • Schedule/review appointments
  • Obtain news, sports & weather
  • Find movie times & locations
  • Listen to audio books
  • Control smart home devices
  • Enable a variety of skills

Echo Orientation

Echo (9.5 inch tall cylinder speaker, weighing 2 pounds)

Top perimeter of the cylinder rotates to control volume
Round concave button on top for muting/unmuting
Round button with raised dot on top for configuring WIFI
Recessed re-set button on bottom near power jack

Tap (6 inches tall, weighing 1 pound)

5 buttons on top in +symbol configuration
Left side rewind button (two tactile bumps)
Middle play/pause button (two tactile bumps)
Right side fast forward button (two tactile bumps)
Above play is volume up button (one tactile bump)
Below play is volume down button (one tactile bump)
Where the top & edge intersect, is Tap Button
On the back of the speaker top button is power
On the back of the speaker below power is Line-in Jack
Below Line-in is Pairing mode/WIFI

Dot (1.5 inches tall weighing a half a pound)

On the back right is the power jack
On the back left is the line-out jack
Round concave button on top for muting/unmuting
Round button with raised dot on top for configuring WIFI
Recessed re-set button on bottom near power jack

Set-up Requirements

  • Will need an Amazon Account/Pass-word, go to
  • Need access to a WIFI network
  • Need an Android, iPhone or computer that is connected to the desired WIFI network
  • For Android or iPhone need to install the Alexa App
  • Using web browser, go to

Initial Set-up

  • Using app or web site log into your account
  • Open the Settings Tab
  • Activate the Set-up New Device Button
  • Pick your device, Echo, Tap or Dot
  • Select Language
  • Follow the prompts & connect to available WIFI

Trigger word that needs to be spoken prior to all commands

  • Alexa (default word)
  • Echo
  • Amazon
  • Computer

Sample Commands

  • Alexa, time
  • Alexa, date
  • Alexa, set alarm
  • Alexa, stop/cancel/pause
  • Alexa, appointments
  • Alexa, set appointment or open Quick Events
  • Alexa, weather followed by "city name"
  • Alexa, news brief
  • Alexa, movies
  • Alexa, where is "movie name" playing
  • Alexa, followed by a question
  • Alexa, play followed by "call letters" ((KRSH)
  • Alexa, volume down or up
  • Alexa, what is the number for business name
  • Alexa, wiki famous persons' name
    • Alexa, enable followed by a "skill name" (Thunder Storm Sounds)
  • Alexa, disable skill name

Echo Skills

  • 3rd party add-on providing entertainment, relaxation, knowledge/facts, food/drink
  • Most skills can b enabled through voice commands; some skills require linking, thus app or web site interaction

Sample Skills

  • Black Jack Dealer - card game
  • Jeopardy - game of knowledge
  • Word Master - Think of the longest Word
  • 20 Questions - Is it bigger than a breadbox?
  • Big Sky detailed weather (requires linking)
  • Bird Song - Listen to different types of birds
  • Ocean Sounds - Hear ocean sounds
  • Thunder storm sounds - Hear the sounds of a thunder storm
  • This Day in history - Learn facts about specific dates
  • Quote of the day - Inspirational Statements
  • Radio Suspense - Old Time Radio Shows
  • Sports Trivia - Sports Trivia
  • Guess your character- "I was an infamous pirate."
  • Quick event - appointment scheduling- (requires linking)

Echo Help

  • Call Amazon Support at 1-888-280-4331
  • From within a specific skill speak, "Alexa help"
  • Listen to the audio book, "The Amazon Dot User Guide. Newbie to expert in 1 hour" Or "How to Program Alexa: A 2017 Field guide to Mastering Your Amazon Echo Dot and Your Alexa App.
  • Purchase the audio tutorial from


Our mission is to provide opportunities for people who are blind or visually impaired to improve and enrich their personal, social and economic lives.

The Earle Baum Center is a nonprofit regional community center in Santa Rosa California, serving people with sight loss in Napa, Sonoma, Lake and Mendocino Counties.


It is the Vision of the Earle Baum Center to facilitate personal independence and growth for people who are blind or vision impaired by:

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Hours of Operation
Monday - Thursday 8:00am to 4:00pm
Friday 8:00am to 3:00pm

4539 Occidental Road
Santa Rosa, CA 95401

Phone: (707) 523-3222
Fax: (707) 636-2768

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