Lake County News, California, October 1 2018

SANTA ROSA, Calif. – Featuring gentle looping spiral paths specially designed for people with vision loss and mobility challenges but fun for all ages, the new labyrinth at the Earle Baum Center celebrated its grand opening Sept. 7.

The labyrinth, which is located at 4539 Occidental Road, Santa Rosa, was made possible by a generous donation from an anonymous donor.

Labyrinths can be found in nearly every civilization in the world. The history of labyrinths goes back roughly 4,000 years.

They are an ancient archetypal symbol of transformation. It is used as a tool where one can have a direct experience, a relaxing walk for stress relief, celebrations of seasonal renewal or for some, as a walking meditation practice. They are currently popular in parks, churches and hospitals

“Our hope is to make this labyrinth accessible to those who use a white cane, guide dog, walker or wheelchair to travel,” said Patricia Jefferson, vision rehabilitation instructor at Earle Baum Center. “Its smooth concrete paths are 39 inches wide with 4 inches high brick curbs on each side of the path to help guide visitors safely.”

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