What? Meet us for our virtual EBC Hangout

How? ZOOM invitation from Neal

Message from Neal Wonkaface — We hope everyone is doing ok in this really uncertain time. We miss everyone and are missing the days when we could all hang out play games, laugh, and stuff our faces with popcorn in person. Right? We want to check in with everyone on our next hangout. We will play question and virtual games. Eli and I can support anybody who wants to learn how to independently use Zoom. We are ready to help!

Please feel free to reach back to me or Eli to setup a virtual Zoom training session.

RSVP now to join our virtual Hangout. Please send me (Neal) an email and I can send out your Zoom invite. If you have any questions or concerns, or just need to talk to another human, please let me know. Send in your ideas for fun games we could do virtually and your suggestions for more virtual meetings together. And if you are new? Welcome!! Zoom in and hang out with us! Let’s be in touch, and feel free to reach out. Miss you all! -Neal

Hangout Night Update and Alert! The Virtual EBH Jeopardy competition was held on Monday May 11th.  Fried Chicken versus the Jedi.  Topics included:  Assistive Technology, Terms, O&M, All Things APH, Braille and Name that Sound.  The teams were competitive, and the action was lively. The results left the teams begging for more.  Click here to get an excerpt from the game. See you soon!  https://drive.google.com/open?id=11-VVNXVjfX3FRc7yUDn27znItmbU3fNO

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