This month Earle Baum Center was included in a Community Voice story about community-service projects done by Boy Scouts of America’s (BSA) Troop 55G composed of 9 girls in the Santa Rosa-area. Over the last year, BSA has completed eight site improvement projects for EBC including the task of making our facility safer by removing dangerous tree roots in the garden area that could cause tripping or falling. Other completed projects by Troops 32 and 55 include replanted planter boxes and built a garden shed, a new flower garden with raised irrigated beds which provide an area for people to gather, along with an ADA (Americans with Disabilities) pathway providing wheelchair and walker access. The campus also now has new outdoor tables with moveable benches which allow more space for wheelchairs and walkers, a stairway for O&M training (Orientation and Mobility also known as learning safe and effective travel for those with sight loss). The labyrinth is easier to use in rainy weather, with a new rope gate in the rope trail, which allows access to the labyrinth via a new raised pathway that doesn’t flood when it rains.


In the planning phase, one of the Troop 55G scouts will lead a team to replace non-water-resistant older doors with exterior doors and new frames on two outdoor sheds. The sheds will also be cleaned and repainted. Another scout will lead a team to remove and replace the older line along the roadway, and yet another scout will lead a team who clean, sand and refinish all the tables and benches in our picnic area.  The scouts are able to cover most of the material costs for these projects through generous donations offered by local businesses in our community.

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