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March 10, 2021

As we continue to live in a more physically-distanced way during the pandemic, we hope the below news update keeps you feeling connected to EBC. We are so appreciative of your continuing support!

In honor of this year’s Pandemic Valentine’s Day, Earle Baum Center posed six questions to a few of our clients to learn ‘what you love about EBC.’ These “Love Letters to Earle Baum Center” remind us of the importance of staying connected to others, building resiliency and community, during challenging times. As one EBC client expressed: “never stop moving, never stop learning.”

We are so grateful for these love letters which were featured in Valentine’s Day stories in both the Press Democrat (cover story in the Sonoma Go section) and The Community Voice. A special thanks to Jan Molen, Margarita Amador, Chris Reynolds, Myra Marin, Raeanne Facendini, Bridget Ketelaar, and Vivien Hillgrove for taking part in this opportunity. See stories below:

Press Democrat

February 11, 2021

Valentine’s Day during the pandemic? Look to the arts by Dan Taylor of the Press Democrat (you will need a subscription to the PD to view the article).  Please click here if you prefer the pdf.

The Community Voice

February 12, 2021

Earle Baum Center poses questions to clients

Additionally, EBC Board Chair Elect Dr. Hoby Wedler was recently interviewed on KSRO Radio’s Brew Ha Ha (February 5, 2021) about food and beverage recommendations for Valentine’s Day. Thank you to Hoby for taking the time to do this interview and mentioning EBC on air!

Earle Baum Center takes a trip abroad (figuratively speaking)!

In other exciting news, Hoby recently connected Bob with a UK-based organization, the Smiley Movement (a nonprofit that aims to address some of the big issues in society by matching people and organizations who help solve problems with others that need solutions). This fortuitous meeting resulted in an in-depth story about EBC’s inspiring mission and positive impact in Northern California. Pasted below is a link to the article sent to the Smiley Movement’s UK and European audiences and includes a joyful photo of EBC clients participating in a ukulele class.

Smiley News

February 24, 2021

How one Californian centre helps find solace after sight loss

Please click here if you prefer the pdf

📷 Photo by Chris Kittredge

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