“The Earle Baum Center has truly transformed my life. Through the invaluable resources, O&M training, white cane skills, assistive technology, and dedicated support, I have gained the courage and confidence to navigate the world with a newfound sense of purpose. I am incredibly grateful for the opportunities provided by EBC and excited for the possibilities that lie ahead.” – Raven R. 


Raven, smiling into the camera, wearing a hat and sunglassesFor Raven, like many others, attending the Earle Baum Center has been an “absolutely life-changing” experience. Prior to joining the Earle Baum, she felt as if she was floating and trying not to sink, with no resources or technology to support her. However, through her time at EBC, she has learned that there are resources available to help individuals with sight loss. The Orientation and Mobility (O&M) training provided at EBC has empowered her to go to the store and confidently get her own groceries. What was once a daunting task is now something she can handle independently. 

One of the most valuable skills she has gained from EBC is white cane training. It has given her the confidence to ask for help when needed, even though it used to feel like a burden. Earle Baum has taught her that asking for help does not diminish her independence. This realization has been transformative for her, as she now understands that receiving assistance does not undermine my capabilities. 

 Additionally, assistive technology has played a tremendous role in her journey. The skills and tools she has acquired through Assistive Technology training have significantly improved her daily life. With these newfound abilities, she now feels more prepared and confident in pursuing her academic goals. She is now eager to enroll in classes at the local Junior College, knowing that the skills she has learned at EBC will support her in achieving success. 

Throughout Raven’s time at EBC, she has been “fortunate to work closely with dedicated individuals like Regina and Jaques. Their expertise and guidance have been invaluable in my journey. I am grateful for their unwavering support and encouragement.” 

Looking towards the future, her ultimate goal is to eventually acquire a guide dog. She adds, “I believe that with the foundation I have built at EBC and the ongoing support of this remarkable community, I will be well-equipped to take this next step towards greater independence.” 


Learn more about how Earle Baum Center can change your life by visiting our website or emailing ebc@earlebaum.org with all your questions.  

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