“The personalized and customized services provided by EBC have truly made a difference in my life, helping me live as an independent blind person.” – Roxanne R.  


Starting her journey at the Earle Baum Center began with a simple desire to walk around the labyrinth on campus. Little did Roxanne know that her experience would expand beyond this initial goal. After being blind for 9 years, she finally reached out to the Earle Baum Center in August 2022. Since then, she has been working closely with Regina, Jaques, and John.  

Roxanne is smiling wearing sunglasses and EBC T-shirt on a bright sunny day standing next to the Labyrinth sign on EBC campus

Over the past 10 weeks, Roxanne has achieved a level of independence that she never thought possible. Through the skills she has learned at EBC, Roxanne has been able to live alone and have her own life. “One of the first steps towards independence was the marking of appliances like the washer, dryer, and stove with bump dots. This simple modification has made it easier for me to navigate and use these essential items in my home,” Roxanne stated. Additionally, she has embraced technology skills passed on by Jaques and John, using SeeingAI on her phone to identify bills, recognize money, and even product labels. “These tools have opened up a whole new world of possibilities for me.” 

In order to further adapt her living environment to her condition, she has rearranged her house to make it more conducive to her needs. Small adjustments like having a transistor radio on my porch allow her to know when she is close to home – when she hears the radio, she knows she is getting closer to her home. These little changes may seem insignificant to some, but for Roxanne, they are instrumental in maintaining her independence. 

Looking towards the future, Roxanne has set goals to enhance her familiarity with downtown Santa Rosa. By working on using the intersections and learning the sounds and haptics of the stoplights, she hopes to navigate the area with even more confidence. Thanks to a generous grant, she has been fortunate enough to access these invaluable services from Earle Baum Center. Additionally, she is excited about the possibilities the Amazon Echo Dot offers. “Being able to use it to order things from Amazon and have groceries delivered to my house would further expand my independence and convenience.” 

Roxanne’s experience at the Earle Baum Center has been “truly transformative.” The personalized services, assistive technology, and support provided by the EBC team has enabled her to embrace independence as a blind person.  

“I am grateful for the skills I have learned, the adjustments made to my living environment, and the newfound possibilities that lie ahead.” 

Learn more about how Earle Baum Center can change your life by visiting our website or emailing ebc@earlebaum.org with all your questions.



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