Sight is the way we first begin interacting with the world around us and those in it. The lack of sight is a terrifying thought.

When sight starts to go, you may feel inadequate and unable to take care of yourself. You may feel angry and resentful. Our onsite Adjustment to Vision Loss Support instructors will work with you to understand your fears and anxieties and help you develop skills and learn to work with tools that will enable you to begin the journey of leading an independent life.

Adjustment to Vision Loss Support is offered in one-on-one sessions and in groups. Classes include Living with Vision Loss and Bereavement.

Following your Earle Baum Center intake, you can schedule a support appointment to assist you in determining your next steps at the EBC.

If you have not yet scheduled an Intake appointment and want to, call Jessica at (707) 527-3349. We are more than happy to help you start your journey at the Earle Baum Center.

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