Office Closure Dates

Thanksgiving: Thursday and Friday, November 28 and 29, 2019
Wednesday, December 25,2019
Wednesday, January 1, 2020

Core Services Training

The Earle Baum Center for the Blind provides focused instruction. Our proven curricula is delivered by professionals and designed to help sight-impaired persons gain skills needed to live independent, successful lives. We offer instruction in the following areas.

ASSISTIVE TECHNOLOGY SERVICES  The use of adaptive computer hardware and software can enable full participation in today’s world of electronic communication and information storage and retrieval.  We provide one-on-one instruction to evaluate a person’s skills and needs and offer individualized recommendations and training with: smart devices including mobile phones, tablets and glasses. GPS devices and apps, video magnifiers, personal assistant devices, digital recorders and more. Group classes cover the latest in technology in a fun and friendly atmosphere

BRAILLE INSTRUCTION Provides instruction in braille reading, writing and use of braille includes labeling foods, files, clothing, games and more. Course content is based on individual needs.

INDEPENDENT LIVING SKILLS Teaches adaptive skills for cooking, shopping, financial and household management, clothing color matching and more. Course content is based on individual needs in group or individual settings.

INTRODUCTION AND LIVING WITH VISION LOSS For people recently experiencing sight loss, our group classes are designed to introduce information, techniques and equipment allowing you to lead and active life. In addition, we assist in adjusting to the emotions of losing sight.

A Group instructor lead class designed to address an individual’s emotional adjustment to sight loss. Safe, friendly environment with peer interaction and support.

ORIENTATION AND MOBILITY Develops the skills required to travel independently, safely and confidently through ones environment. Specific instruction covers spatial concepts, sensory awareness, white cane skills, and the use of public transportation.

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