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After learning that permanent sight loss is the new reality, most experience something like the following.

Now what? My friends and family don’t understand what it’s like to not be able to see. I don’t know who to talk to about this. No one I know has any clue how it feels to not be able to see. I can’t do anything I need or want to do. People will feel sorry for me. I don’t want that. People who are blind end up alone and in need. I won’t be able to see my bills or mail or computer or phone or newspaper. I won’t be able to work. I won’t be able to fill out the unemployment application. I will have to stop driving. Then what? This is more than I can handle.

There is a next step. There are people who understand what it feels like to live with limited sight.

Earle Baum Center offers the tools and skills you need to start the journey toward independence. Take the next step with us.

What is an intake appointment?

Call the Center for information and to set up an intake appointment, (707) 523-3222 with Susan Hirshfield.

The intake appointment will guide you through the process to get started at EBC. Family and friends are welcome to attend the appointment with you. In some cases, your intake may be done over the phone. In all cases you, the potential client, must attend the intake.

Our intake support instructor will work with you to determine what we can do to help you. Earle Baum Center offers a wide variety of programs and services to help all ages in adjusting to sight loss.

Many individuals seek financial assistance from the California Department of Rehabilitation. If you are a veteran, you may seek support from the VA department. We look forward to meeting you soon.

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We are open for in-person classes and visits. Masks are required on campus. Thank you!

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