Office Closure Dates

Earle Baum Center campus is closed for all group classes and events Monday, March 16th and will reopen Monday, April 13; dates are subject to change.

Tips for getting started

The Basics

Device Orientation (navigating the physical attributes of your iPhone)
Before you get to the various assistive properties of your iPhone, you must first learn where the following buttons, and switches are located:

  • Sleep/Wake, On/Off button
  • Ring/Silent Switch
  • Volume
  • Headset Jack
  • AC Charging/USB Port/Lightning Connector
  • Home Button

Enabling VoiceOver (Audio navigation of all iPhone apps and functions)

  • You can use Siri to turn VoiceOver on or off. Speak the following command, “turn on VoiceOver” – OR –
  • Press Home Button 3 times quickly – OR –
  • Go to Settings/General/Accessibility

Turning On/Off Device

  • To turn on your iPhone, hold Power Button down for 5 seconds (Device will turn on after 10 to 20 seconds)
  • To turn off your iPhone, hold Power Button for 5 seconds, your will hear the following audio prompt, “Power off Button”, at that point, tap anywhere on your screen with a 1 finger double-tap.

Using Siri (Audio navigation and commands of iPhone apps and functions)

Hold Home Button for 2 seconds, after double chime, speak command.


There is a definite rhythm to using Siri, and it takes a bit of practice to get it right. Remember, to get Siri’s attention, you must first press and hold the “Home” button. You will then hear two quick chimes to let you know Siri is awake and ready to follow your commands.

  • HOLD Home Button
  • You will hear two chimes
  • “Siri, set an appointment with dentist at 3 pm on Monday April 4th.”
  • Siri will confirm what she heard and ask you to confirm. Say confirm to add this calendar entry.

Siri Commands

  • Speak: time and you will hear the time
  • Speak: date and you will hear the date
  • speak: call, followed by the person’s name in your contacts
  • speak: dial, followed by the number you want to call
  • speak: play voice mail you will hear any voice mail messages
  • speak: send a message, followed by the person’s name in your contacts
  • speak: schedule an appointment with blank and it will walk you through creating the appointment
  • speak: what appointments do I have on given day? and it will read them back
  • speak: cancel my appointment on blank day/time and the meeting will be removed
  • speak: weather, followed by the city name
  • speak: set alarm, followed by the time you would like it set
  • speak: play, followed by the song or artist name
  • speak: who is playing? and you will hear info about the playing music
  • speak: find, followed by the business name and city
  • speak: tell me about, followed by the famous person’s name
  • speak: create a note and you will be prompted to speak the note
  • Speak: read notes you will be prompted to hear each of your recorded notes
  • Speak: a mathematical computation and you will hear the answer
  • Speak: a conversion question and you will hear the answer
  • speak: a sports team name and you will hear current score or schedule
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