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Earle Baum Center campus is closed for all group classes and events Monday, March 16th and will reopen Friday May 1; dates are subject to change.

A low vision optometrist evaluates the patients’ current visual abilities and explores vision aids to help maximize current vision.

Your Vision – We Never Take It for Granted

Many of our staff and instructors at the Earle Baum Center have some level of sight loss and are personally acquainted with the challenges associated with vision loss and independent living. In 2010, we took a bold step forward to address challenges faced by the blind. Designed to evaluate and enhance what usable vision the client has left, the low vision clinic has seen over 800 patients since its inception.

Two hours of one-on-one attention with Dr. Janet Caddell, OD or Dr. Chi N Quang, OD, accompanied by the latest refraction equipment on the market, help to bring your unique vision needs and goals into focus.

We look at your own vision history, and that of your family, and discover what challenges and frustrations you encounter every day. Glare evaluations, proper lighting, the latest in high-definition, handheld and desktop magnifiers – nothing is left unexplored. In short, we will endeavor to make available any device that can make a difference in your vision life. The Earle Baum Low Vision Clinic has one simple goal: to help you stay independent and active for as long as possible.

Setting Up a Low Vision Clinic Appointment

Part of your intake visit will include a brief review of the Low Vision Clinic (LVC) and what you can expect. You can set up your LVC appointment during the intake meeting or call the LVC coordinator later to schedule it. You will also need a second, follow-up appointment to learn about the equipment, lighting, and magnification tools recommended for you. Your LVC coordinator will talk you through the steps and schedule your appointments.

If you have not set up an intake appointment or have questions about your Low Vision Clinic appointment call the EBC at (707) 523-3222.

PLEASE NOTE: Kaiser Clients have two options regarding a low vision exam.

1. You may opt for Kaiser’s Low Vision 60 exam, and then have your Follow-Up appointment here at the Earle Baum Center. This is a standing arrangement with Kaiser, whereby upon the conclusion of the Low Vision 60 exam, Kaiser refers to EBC for the Follow-Up. Please contact your primary eye care provider at Kaiser for more info.


2. You can forego Kaiser’s exam and have both appointments at our Center (2-hour low vision exam, and 1-hour follow-up). In this scenario, we will submit to the clients’ primary and supplemental insurance companies per our usual process. Please note, however, that there may be a balance due after reimbursement, in which case an invoice will be sent to the client.

How to prepare for your Low Vision Clinic Appointment

Prior to the appointment

  • You will be given a survey to help us prepare for your Low Vision Exam. Please return that survey prior to your LVC appointment. To download the survey, please click the, “Low Vision Survey” button, at the upper left of this page.
  • You will also need to have your most current eye examination records from your optometrist or ophthalmologist appointment sent to our LVC coordinator. We can help you attain these records, call for assistance.

The Day of the Appointment

  • If you haven’t yet sent in your completed low-vision survey, be sure to bring it with you.
  • Our LVC doctor will use this information during your low-vision examination. The more information you include regarding your current vision challenges, the better informed the doctor will be when recommending aids and services to help achieve your goals.
  • Two sets of ears are better than one. Because of the amount of information being disseminated, we recommend having a family member, caregiver, guardian or friend accompany you to the appointment.
  • Please call our low-vision coordinator if you have any questions prior to your Low Vision Clinic appointment.

Dr. Janet Caddell – Low Vision Clinic Doctor

Dr. Caddell graduated from Southern California College of Optometry and had specialized low-vision training at the Center for The Partially Sighted in Santa Monica. She comes to The Earle Baum Center with many years of experience in dealing with low-vision rehabilitation and is recognized in the local medical community for her skill in helping those with low vision needs. Dr. Caddell has run the Low Vision Clinic since its inception in 2010.


Dr. Chi N Quang – Low Vision Clinic Doctor

Dr. Chi N. QuangDr. Quang is owner of Castro Valley Optometry Group where she provides full-scope optometric eye care, including the treatment of glaucoma. She also provides optometry services at the Palo Alto Veteran’s Affairs Medical Center. She holds a B.A. and O.D. from UC Berkeley, with a focus on Low Vision Rehabilitation and Primary Care. She was the recipient of the William Feinbloom Low Vision Award in 2009. Dr. Quang speaks Cantonese, Vietnamese, and Spanish.


Nick O’Riley – Low Vision Coordinator

Nick came to the Center in the spring of 2016. Starting out as a volunteer, he quickly realized that the Center’s mission was a great fit for the type of work he was longing to do. In late May, he was brought on as a full-time employee and began helping the staff as they moved forward with a new communications project. In January of 2017, Nick moved over to help coordinate the Low Vision Clinic and has been working with Dr. Caddell since then.

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