Vision rehabilitation at EBC’s Low Vision Clinic helps you maximize your remaining sight and learn new strategies to accomplish everyday tasks. We provide a complete evaluation and work with you to find the low vision aids and devices that will best suit your lifestyle and needs. By mastering new techniques and devices, you can regain confidence and live independently with sight loss.

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How Does it Work?

Earle Baum Center’s Low Vision Clinic is comprised of two components.

We begin with a 2-hour low vision exam, including a low vision refraction, to evaluate each person’s current visual abilities and to explore vision aids to help optimize their currqent vision.

We are happy to schedule your appointment with our dedicated EBC doctors:

Dr. Janet Caddell, O.D., Southern California College of Optometry.

Dr. Caddell has run the Low Vision Clinic since its inception in 2010, and her private practice is with Bennett Valley Optometry.

Next, we schedule an approximately 1 hour follow-up appointment to introduce various devices designed to accomplish visual goals. Devices may include:

  • Hand-held and desktop video magnifier demonstrations
  • Glare evaluations
  • Lighting evaluations

Please note: This is a functional exam. It is not a medical exam, and eyes will not be dilated. We strongly suggest that everyone who comes to our clinic for an exam continues regular visits with their eye-care professionals.


What Should I Bring to My Exam?

What to bring the day of a Functional Eye Exam appointment:

  • Medicare & Supplemental Insurance cards*
  • Photo I.D.
  • Any low vision devices you are currently using including magnifiers, glasses, etc.
  • Proof of COVID-19 vaccination 1&2


Next Steps

Please click the Low Vision Clinic Survey here, or the green button at the top of the page, to get started and download the survey.  For more information, or if you have completed a survey and want to set an appointment, please email, fax, or mail your survey to us.

Earle Baum Center
4539 Occidental Rd.
Santa Rosa, CA 95401
FAX:  707-230-6211
PHONE:  707-636-9929
Cindy Peterson
Low Vision Clinic Manager


*EBC Low Vision Clinic accepts patients from the Department of Rehabilitation and the VA, as well as patients insured by Medicare and private insurance companies including Kaiser. Please contact us for more information.

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