Dan Needham – President and Chief Executive Officer

Email: needham@earlebaum.org

Phone: 707-523-3222

Assistive Technology / Facilities / Low Vision Clinic

Jeff Harrington – Director, Assistive Technology Specialist

Email: harrington@earlebaum.org

Phone: 707-523-3222

Jacques Law – Senior Assistive Technology Specialist

Email: law@earlebaum.org

Phone: 707-523-3222

Cathy Mulhern – Assistive Technology Specialist

Email: mulhern@earlebaum.org

Phone: 707-523-3222

Nick O’Riley – Low Vision Clinic Coordinator and Administrative Support

Email: oriley@earlebaum.org

Phone: 707-636-9929


Bob Sonnenberg – Director of Development

Email: sonnenberg@earlebaum.org

Phone: 415-637-4565

Kathy Secor – Development Assistant

Email: secor@earlebaum.org

Phone: 707- 284-1089


Ray Thompson – Facilities

Email: thompson@earlebaum.org

Phone: 707-523-3222


Kati Aho – Director of Programs and Quality

Email: aho@earlebaum.org

Phone: 707 – 284-1090

Administrative Staff

Dan Elin – Statistical Reporting Administrator

Email: elin@earlebaum.org

Phone: 707-523-3222

Beverly Nunes – Office Manager

Email: nunes@earlebaum.org

Phone: 707-523-3222

Ahlia Warren – Intake Management and Student Counselor and Volunteer Coordinator

Email: warren@earlebaum.org

Phone: 707-523-3222

Independent Living Skills

Susan Hirshfield – Therapist

Email: hirshfield@earlebaum.org

Phone: 707-523-3222

Patricia Jefferson – Vision Rehabilitation Instructor

Email: jefferson@earlebaum.org

Phone: 707-523-3222

Denise Vancil – Vision Rehabilitation Therapist

Email: vancil@earlebaum.org

Phone: 707-523-3222

Orientation and Mobility

Regina Kutches – COMS, Orientation & Mobility and Independent Living Skills Specialist

Email: kutches@earlebaum.org

Phone: 707-523-3222

Maura Wong Cooper – COMS, Orientation & Mobility Specialist and Independent Living Skills Specialist

Email: wongcooper@earlebaum.org

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